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Individualized Kindergarten – Grade 5 (K-5) Public Home-Based Distance Education Built Around Your Family’s Needs

Welcome to Learn at Home Oregon

Learn at Home Oregon is a dynamic Kindergarten – Grade 5 (K-5) online elementary school, where we prioritize the holistic development of every child. This program is free for all students living in all regions of Oregon and is available to access while traveling or right from the heart and comfort of your home.

At our school, parents are empowered partners in their child’s education, collaborating with our certified and dedicated teachers to create a personalized learning journey. With a mixture of live class experiences and offline projects, students enjoy ample social opportunities, fostering connections and friendships in a supportive virtual environment. Our schedule accommodates the diverse needs of families, ensuring that learning fits seamlessly into daily life. Through hands-on projects and a standards-based curriculum, we inspire curiosity and critical thinking, catering to the unique needs of all learners.

Welcome to an online elementary school where we nurture and celebrate every child’s potential. At Learn at Home Oregon, students are not just learners; they are part of a connected community where creativity and collaboration thrive.

Home-Based Distance Education Program | Learn at Home Oregon

About Learn at Home Oregon

Learn at Home Oregon utilizes a blended learning model incorporating live interaction, technology integration, and real-world, project-based learning. This personalized approach enables students to learn at their own pace, fostering maximum learning gains and addressing individual needs. Our curriculum reinforces concepts by showcasing their everyday applications, ensuring relevance, and engagement in learning.

Learn at Home Oregon
Flexible Schooling | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Flexible Schooling

Embark on a journey where learning thrives both indoors and outdoors, and hands-on exploration is encouraged. With Learn at Home Oregon, discover the joys of home-based learning while saying goodbye to stressful routines found in traditional schools. We have transformed the online learning experience into one that is vibrant, meaningful, and impactful. Pre-Register today and embrace a new educational adventure!



Free Tuition | Learn at Home Oregon

Learn at Home Oregon is a public individualized distance educational program that is free and accessible to all Oregon residents.

Fully Accredited | Learn at Home Oregon

Learn at Home Oregon is a part of the Alsea School District and utilizes a standards-based curriculum.

School Materials Shipped to You | Learn at Home Oregon

Chromebooks and curriculum are conveniently sent directly to your place of residence.

Free School Supplies | Learn at Home Oregon

Similar to traditional schools, teachers provide a list of easily accessible and cost effective school supplies to support your child’s at home learning environment.

Free Computer & Other Technology as needed | Learn at Home Oregon

The Learn at Home Oregon online portal and live online classroom is a safe and secure environment for learning.

What to Expect | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

What To Expect

Our program approach includes:

  • Playing a greater role in the education of your child
  • Time and opportunity to create wonderful core family memories
  • Standards-based and research backed curriculum
  • Proficiency assessment framework emphasizing individual progress towards mastery
  • Ongoing progress monitoring to ensure students are advancing with academic and social goals
  • Secure learning and communication portal
  • Daily consistent live class time with teachers and classmates
  • Communicative teachers focusing on partnership with families
  • Parent & Learning Coach support and training
  • Opportunities to volunteer as a classroom reader or room parent
  • A vibrant learning community that spans the state of Oregon
What's Included | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

What’s Included

Every student receives:

  • A Chromebook lent by the district (if needed)
  • Student membership to a variety of online educational platforms
  • Books to supplement curriculum
  • Access to a dedicated community of teachers who provide support and inspiration
Learn at Home Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome, families! Dive deeper into our program by exploring our FAQ page. There, you’ll find answers to common questions and gain a clearer understanding of what we offer. If you have additional questions, we are happy to assist. Please reach out via email or phone (contact page). We are excited to embark on this educational journey with you!

Our Mission | Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon

Our Mission

At Learn at Home Oregon, our mission is to cultivate student success and confidence while fostering an active and vibrant learning community. We empower families to play an integral role in their child’s education, offering flexibility to study in outdoor settings and from the comfort of home. With dedicated educators and a dynamic curriculum, we strive to create a rich and engaging learning experience that inspires curiosity and lifelong learning.

Girl Learning Outside - Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon was purposefully crafted to offer a hands-on learning experience, prioritizing active engagement over prolonged screen time. We believe in fostering a dynamic educational environment that encourages exploration, creativity, and critical thinking skills.
Proficiancy-Based Mastery Approach | Learn At Home Oregon
The proficiency-based mastery approach empowers learners to refine their understanding until they achieve mastery of concepts. This learning method is spiraled, allowing for continual building upon prior experiences and skill sets. Teachers consistently monitor progress and maintain open communication with families to ensure each student's needs are met. Additionally, our focus extends beyond academics to building student confidence and agency, empowering them to take ownership of their learning journey.
Project Based Learning - Learn at Home Oregon
Learn at Home Oregon was developed to offer students opportunities to understand the practical applications of their skills through project-based learning models. Students are encouraged to apply their newfound knowledge to propose solutions for real-world challenges and present these proposals to contribute to collective knowledge. Additionally, students have the freedom to delve into topics of personal interest, fostering a sense of ownership over their learning journey. This approach differs from traditional methods, as students actively participate in shaping their educational experience, sharing their knowledge with classmates along the way.